Social media takes branding integration to another level. Launching a social media plan into your PR program allows a friendly gateway into the consumer’s world. Social media allows you to gain a higher level of involvement, greater visibility, stronger relationship building, a sense of community and more consumer-initiated communications. With social media, the opportunities are endless.

Consumers are getting harder and harder to target. They are bombarded with marketing messages every waking hour and are more skeptical than ever before. Social media breaks down this barrier and allows you to join the conversation with your target market.

Consumers don’t want “to get sold.” They want advice, they want recommendations, and they want to be heard. Consumers want their brands to listen to their opinions. They want to know that YOU care about them. So don’t be the fly on the wall anymore. Engage, enhance, and involve your audience.

The most powerful form of communication is word of mouth; but imagine leveraging the power of word of mouth with the use of the internet. Social media gives brands an opportunity to become a familiar face and friend to consumers. This emotional engagement goes much further into the consumers’ psyche; it brings your brand to the forefronts of their brains, the centers of their hearts, and on the tips of their tongues.

Additionally, social media is a hub for traditional print and broadcast reporters who are connecting directly with consumers as they do their reporting.  A social media component is an excellent extension that increases the success of traditional media relations.

We have a dedicated social media team and partner with our clients to find out where the influencers in their market are, determine the best way to target them through social media and help our clients to keep track of where the important conversations are so they can interact and speak for the brand. We do this through:

  • Social media mapping
  • Brand monitoring
  • Engagement and reputation monitoring