Preparation and communication

Most crisis situations are not surprising at all. Whether it’s something that “will probably never happen” or red flags that were simply missed, crisis management is a critical part of any business operation. The difference between success and failure during a crisis often comes down to preparation and communication, which need to happen before, during and after the initial crisis.

We help our clients anticipate, prepare for, and manage the unexpected, inconvenient and unpleasant. Ready at a moment’s notice to jump in and help, we’ll work with your executives, counsel your leaders, calm your employees and reassure your customers that you’re addressing the situation and returning to business as usual as soon as possible.

Anticipating and Managing Contention

Once the media finds you during a public relations crisis, it’s tough to be breaking news. So it’s imperative to mitigate challenging scenarios and position your organization as cooperative but not a focal point for further media attention. We’ll work with you to develop a crisis communications plan organized around preventive actions, preparedness actions and potential-response actions. We’ve navigated sticky crisis management situations for many clients, from attorney general investigations to pesky rumor mills. We link arms with your team to make sure you manage the situation in a way that enhances your reputation by practicing transparency and the free flow of information.