Ever since the inception of RPR, our focus has been on results that matter for our clients. What counts are the actions, behaviors or perceptions that impact desired business results. Read on for examples of results that matter, case studies, our monthly e-newsletter and client news releases.

Public Relations Results that Matter

Almost every PR company can generate visibility and awareness. In the end, however, client satisfaction and success boils down to whether the visibility and awareness prompted a desired action, behavior or perception. At Risdall Public Relations, we create tangible Results that Matter. While these vary from company to company, depending on what matters to each client, the public relations results always create a favorable change. A sampling of Results that Matter include:

Branding Management Results That Matter

  • Launching an entirely new retail concept including brand identity, value proposition and integrated marketing
  • Specifying the tone and personality of a trade association serving senior housing and services providers
  • Refreshing an established, mature brand for an international franchise organization
  • Ensuring that a brand promise and value proposition are aligned with what audiences respect, expect … and will pay for
  • Understanding and addressing concerns and perceptions that hinder progress
  • Coordinating a merger/acquisition of companies and or brands
  • Uniting a company’s various operations under a single brand

Relationships Results That Matter

  • Cultivating effective internal and external working relationships
  • Connecting with industry leaders and influencers
  • Creating win-win partnerships between businesses and their local communities

Reputation Management Results That Matter

  • Establishing and demonstrating leadership and commitment in the outdoor recreation industry
  • Getting industry analysts to provide positive commentary on your business
  • Training new employees on your organization and its brand promise
  • Identifying relevant charities for partnership opportunities
  • Mitigating negative media coverage of company
  • Developing signature programs that define your company’s brand

Sales Results That Matter

  • Successfully defending market share in increasingly competitive environments
  • Building awareness and trial of new products and services
  • Increasing event attendance for annual events
  • Attracting investors to a concept
  • Results that define adjusted actions, behaviors, attitudes and opinions

Increasing Web site traffic

  • Successfully re-introducing or revitalizing products
  • Leveraging event sponsorship for maximum visibility
  • Stretching communications dollars to extend advertising reach and frequency
  • Increasing employee morale and instilling company pride
  • Exceeding fundraising expectations
  • Exceeding awareness and participation goals
  • Enlisting volunteers