What to Expect from Your PR Firm

Choosing a public relations agency is just the beginning. Here’s what you should expect from your PR agency.

Ideas. Your PR agency should consistently share new, relevant ideas and insights to better build your reputation, your relationships, your brand and your business.

Stellar client service. It goes without saying that client service should be nothing less than exemplary. That means the courtesy of keeping you in the loop at all times. Your messages should be promptly returned and you should have after-hours access via phone or e-mail for emergencies … or even just for great ideas.

A+ work. If your PR agency is content with any grade less than A+, it’s time to start doing your homework. If it doesn’t know what constitutes A+ work, it’s time to make a switch. You should expect to work with people that are ambitious, confident, achievement oriented … and most importantly, competent.

Trust, integrity and ethics. Good ethics are simply good business. So yes, your PR firm should do everything it takes to help you succeed, but always in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of trust, integrity and ethics.

Results that matter. Results that don’t further your business goals are just a bunch of useless numbers and facts. A good PR firm will fully understand what you’re aiming to accomplish and will tailor communications strategies and action plans to get results that matter – to you.