The secret is out: While bosses have visions for where an organization is headed, they rely heavily on trusted advisers (from accounting, legal, public relations, HR, IT, etc.)

For those who advise leaders, “Why Should the Boss Listen to You?” introduces the complexities and considerations that vex the person in charge. The person driving the bus. The boss.

Often, people will say, “I know what the company should do, but the boss just won’t listen to me.” Here the author, a renowned crisis and leadership management expert, explains why understanding the boss’s mindset is paramount to being heard and shows how to frame advice in a way the boss can consider.

Advisers of all experience levels can immediately relate and apply Lukaszewski’s seven strategic disciplines. Written in an easygoing, conversational tone, you’ll imagine Lukaszewski is sitting across from you sharing his many years of consulting experience.

But don’t go thinking this book is just for those who advise; it also is a good read for those who are advised. After all, what could be better than some insights into how to use the advice you often pay dearly to receive? You’ve heard the notion of why pay a consultant if you’re not going to follow their recommendations; Lukaszewski’s book may ensure you’re never again faced with that conundrum.

So, listen up, boss!